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Futuron was a Classic Space sub-theme that was around from 1987 un

The Futuron logo.

til 1990. Futuron were peaceful space explorers that carried on the colour scheme and spirit of the original space sets. They were one of the larger space factions with over 17 sets released, but were also one of the shortest, lasting only 3 years. The spacemen were the same colours as the original space minifigures (blue, white, red and black) but had zippers with the Futuron logo as well as modern helmets with blue visors. They had no main spaceship, but instead a Monrail Transport Base which was battery powered and was released in 1990.


  • 6953 Cosmic Laser Launcher (Release date 1987)
  • 6893 Galactic Starship (Release date 1987)
  • 6932 Stardefender "200" (Release date 1987)
  • 6884 Aero-Module (Release date 1987)
  • 6770 Light and Sound Magma Carrier (Release date 1988)
  • 6875 Hovercraft (Release date 1988)
  • 6990 Monrail Transport System (Release date 1988)
  • 6848 Strategic Pursuer (Release date 1988)
  • 6828 Twin-Winged Spoiler (Release date 1988)