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Blacktron was a classic space sub-theme that started in 1987 and ended in 1

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992. It had two themes to come out under the name Blacktron. The original version released is now known as Blacktron I. It's color scheme consisted of black for the main color, yellow for its secondary color, trans. yellow for windshields and some transparent red for lasers, weapons, etc. Blacktron's sucessor, Blacktron: Future Generation which had a color scheme of black (main), white (secondary) and transparent neon green for windshields. 2 series, known as Blacktron I and Blacktron: Future Generation. It had its own unique style instead of regular random space ships. It concluded of most of its ships having a hexagonal cockpit. In 1990 under Blacktron I LEGO released a small set called the Meteor Monitor (1875) which had a slight change made that seperated it from the rest of Blacktron I- it had white instead of yellow for its secondary color. Due to there being no windshield in the set, it is unknown for sure if it would have stayed yellow.


Blacktron I

Blacktron: Future Generation

  • 6887 Allied Avenger (Release date 1991, also known as Blacktron Octopod in the UK)
  • 1479 Double Scout (Release Date 1991)
  • 6832 Super Nova II (Release date 1991)
  • 6851 Tri-Wheeled Tyrax (Release date 1991)
  • 6878 Sub Orbital Guardian (Release date 1991)